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Welcome to Endevvr

We are devoted to helping high school students become entrepreneurs. Every year we help talented students start and fund real companies. By leveraging our university, corporate, and startup partnerships, we rapidly turn our students into successful entrepreneurs over the course of the summer.

Program Curriculum

We created a world class learning environment. Students are surrounded by resources, instructed and mentored by top tier business school alumni, successful entrepreneurs, consultants and experts in multiple fields. Our students learn leadership by becoming founders of companies, teamwork through working on growing their businesses, and resilience by experiencing the ups and downs of the startup experience. We believe in learning by doing, and we mean it.

Asking the Right Questions

Finding the right question is even more important than finding the right answer. Students begin by identifying compelling problems, and uncovering unmet needs.

Brainstorming Solutions

Students are encouraged to look at problem from multiple angles, finding several solutions that can be pursued and tested.

Testing Ideas and Market Research

Each idea goes through a rigorous testing process. Is this the best solution to the problem? Students learn identify viable ideas, pivoting towards a workable business model.

Business Model and Financial Projections

Students design business models for their companies. This is not a hypothetical business plan competition. This is the real thing.

Resilience, Leadership, Teamwork

There is more to starting a successful company than just business skills. We emphasize communication, teamwork, and resilience training, as students are challenged to discover their own path to success.

Pitching to Investors

Students complete the program by pitching their startup to investors with real money at stake.

Our team

We are a team of professionals with a diversity of backgrounds and skills. We share a passion for educating the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Details and FAQ

How much does Endevvr cost?

The total cost for our 5-week incubator is estimated to be $6595, including housing, a meal plan, activities and tuition for the duration of the program.

What makes ENDEVVR unique?

We view ourselves less as an enrichment or academic program, and more as a real business incubator, designed to help high school students start actual companies. We focus on real-world applicability throughout the summer; we minimize classroom time and highly value learning by doing.


You can indicate your interest in the scholarship in a specific section of the application. We select our merit-based scholarship recipients using the same philosophy we use for general admissions. All scholarships are need-blind. Applying for a scholarship does not decrease your chances of admission. We make the admission decisions first, then determine scholarship recipients from the pool of admitted students.

When and Where is the Program?

The Summer 2016 program will begin on July 2nd and run through August 6th. It will be hosted at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Our past programs took place in Boston (2013), Atlanta (2014), and Philadelphia (2015).

What exactly is your curriculum?

We have designed 60+ short, powerful modules to teach (1) concepts from leading startup and entrepreneurship minds (e.g., The Lean Startup, Disciplined Entrepreneurship, and “design thinking” from firms like Continuum and IDEO), and (2) Endevvr’s own research on entrepreneurial and team psychology, a component we have found to be critical in enabling our students for long-term success.


Yes. We accept U.S. Citizens living in the U.S. or living abroad. The incubator is also open to international students who are eligible to enter and stay in the US for the duration of the summer. We are not able to sponsor students for visas.

What grade levels do you accept?

We accept current sophomores and juniors -- who will be rising juniors and seniors by the time Endevvr begins, as well as current seniors.

How competitive is ENDEVVR?

We typically admit between 15 and 20 percent of all applicants.

What does your name mean?

Endevvr is a playful combination of ENDEAVOR "endev" and VENTURE "vr." It reflects our commitment to helping our students start companies, while also supporting their long term growth and development. Combined with our paper plane, it also alludes to the dream that became the famous space shuttle Endeavour.


2016 will be our team’s fourth program; our first pilot program was held in 2013.


Our application process is as unique as the program itself. There is no one set of criteria we use to evaluate applicants. Generally, we are looking for students who are aligned with our values (learning at the highest of standards, collaboration, challenge and respect) and who have a uniquely compelling story to tell.

Early Application Deadline: January 16th, 2016
Regular Application Deadline: April 1, 2016

Applications for the 2016 program are now open! APPLY NOW




We are proud of our alumni. Here are some of the companies that started at ENDEVVR.

We are joined by an incredible team of alumni and industry advisors that make the incubator possible. Our alumni advisory team includes Jill Klinvex (Operations Manager), Rahul Agarwal (Recruitment), Ben Latz (Web), Netta Wang (Social Media), and Jyothi Vallurupalli (Marketing). Our strategic advisors and partners include Josh Collins (CATAPULT, hosted at Harvard's i-Lab), Rodney Sampson (Shark Tank, Opportunity Hub), Randy Pilkenton (ThoughtWorks), Karen Houghton (Atlanta Tech Village), and Tres Crow (The Ritz Group).